inspired by skies and electricity. Lightning strikes can be seriously dangerous, but they are really beautiful to watch. So are HAITZE’s songs. The lyrics do have a serious emotion but the positive colored arrangements make the songs a pleasure to listen to. By listening to Sam Fender, The 1975, Bombay Bicycle Club and many more guitar influenced artists, HAITZE creates his own indie pop sound. 



Haitze de Vries started as a guitar player at a young age. It wasn't always a love affair between Haitze and the guitar, but after his dad introduced him to John Mayer, the game was on. 

After getting in love with Mayer's guitar skills, Haitze realized that his songwriting is a real craft as well. 


After a lot of terrible songs, DIY song productions and band break-ups, Haitze hooked up with keyboard player and producer Danny van Galen, who he knew from former bands they played in together. They started re-producing the songs Haitze made in his small attic in Friesland.


The seed was planted and Haitze kept writing, recording and producing in his home studio. When a song was finished, he sent it to Danny to add his flavour to it and mixing the song to its final form. The formula worked and a lot of songs were born that way. 'HAITZE' was born.

On the 25th of June 2020 HAITZE released his debut EP 'Rectify'. Songs that were written in the last couple of years. 

The Dutch National radio station 'KINK' already started playing HAITZE's songs from the first release. They also said 'maybe he's the Dutch Sam Fender'. 

In August 2020 HAITZE should play Sam Fenders' after-show in Utrecht (NL), this never happed because of the pandemic..